The Abbott Library’s mission is to provide a vibrant, community-supported environment where people turn for the joy of reading, the discovery of ideas and the power of knowledge. Through innovation and responsiveness, the library provides free and open access to materials, services and programming for personal enrichment, enjoyment and life-long learning.

Goal Statements

1. Community Supported Environment
To enhance and promote our value in the community by building relationships that result in a shared commitment to volunteerism, philanthropy, patronage and other forms of support.

2. Joy of Reading
To foster reading in all ages by providing an inviting atmosphere, a broad and diverse collection, and an engaged and informed personal touch of staff and volunteers.

3. Discovery of Ideas
To provide learning opportunities that inspires the creation and sharing of ideas in a respectful and tolerant environment.

4. Power of Knowledge
To ensure equal access to information as a powerful tool for personal improvement and the betterment of society.

5. Inspiration & Responsiveness
To expand and exceed community expectations through innovation and responsiveness that result in increased patron use and satisfaction.

Approved by Abbott Library Trustees